The HEIM Electronics Home Automation Survey

Your home is typically the largest investment families make, and while it is most important to protect your family from the threats of Carbon Monoxide and fire, it is also important to protect irreplaceable heirlooms and valuables. Heim’s roots are in caring and protecting families the best way possible. Our custom designed system are tailored and integrated into to your lifestyle and made to be simple to use.


Please fill out the survey below and a Heim professional will be in touch with you to discuss your home security and automation solution.

    • Your Name
    • Your Email
    • Your Coupon Code
    • Your Address or Lot/Block
    • Are you most concerned about security while you are at home or away?
    • Is remote control of your security system important while away from home?
    • Is interior/exterior surveillance while away or at home something of interest?
    • Audio

      Audio is the source of much enjoyment in homes today. Whether it’s throughout your entire home or in individual rooms, you can stream you favorite music, programs or podcasts in the areas of your home where you spend most of your time.

      • Which areas inside your home would you desire to listen to music or watch television?
        Family RoomLiving RoomDining RoomKitchenBedroomsMaster BedroomGarageMaster BathroomOther BathroomsOther
      • Which audio sources/services do you currently subscribe to or prefer to access in your home?
        PandoraSpotifyFamily member playlistsiTunes
      • How many different sources do you envision playing simultaneously so family members can listen or watch independently in different areas of your home?
      • Does your family favor Apple or Android™ mobile phones/tablets?


      Today’s homes are often outfitted with media rooms and home theaters to provide surround sound and realistic experiences while enjoying movies and games. Help us understand how you want to set up your home.

      • Please select the rooms in which you desire enhanced audio for watching movies or television.
      • Is a home theater planned or currently setup in your home?
      • How important is picture quality when watching TV and movies?

      Intercom Systems

      Todays technology enables you to communicate with other in or at your home from anywhere. Whether it’s calling the kids to dinner or answering the door, todays intercom and phone systems offer many options.

      • Which doors would you like to be able to remotely speak to or see visitors?
      • How many people live in your home?
      • Would you like to contact family members or guests through an intercom or telephone system in your home?


      Giving your home a lived-in look significantly contributes to your overall security. With today’s efficient lighting solutions, we can accentuate your homes exterior features while enhancing your security, and inside we can significantly reduce electricity consumption while automatically lighting your home based upon your lifestyle.

      • Which exterior areas or features would you prefer to light?
        landscapepathwaysarchitectural details


      Imagine waking from daylight as your shades slowly rise in the morning or the privacy offered when your shades close as you retire for the evening. While these are convenience features the energy savings afforded by opening and closing shades dependent upon the temperature and HVAC settings can be significant.

      • Which areas of your home would you favor shading?
      • Is there any part of your home which gets bright sun which could overheat your home?

      Wi-Fi & Networks

      Network connectivity has become the most important feature in your home, while security and uniform access throughout is vital to ensuring fast, fluid and reliable performance. Wi-Fi is the backbone of your automation system and a stable network is necessary for running your home.

      • Often time clients require Wi-Fi to be extended to remote areas in their homes. Please select the remote areas you’d like to have Wi-Fi.

      Outdoor Audio

      Many clients say having music on the patio or in the yard is the most enjoyable feature of their automation system. Whether they are entertaining friends or simply enjoying family time with music, outdoor audio can set the right mood.

      • Would you like to explore options with outdoor audio?
      • Is there a patio or deck you’d like to have audio?
      • Is there a portion of the garden or yard you’d prefer audio?