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Ready for the next level
in beach house entertainment?

Your NJ shore house is the place to entertain family & friends, and nothing sets it apart more powerfully than custom automated entertainment, climate control, security, and life safety systems. Whether it’s outdoor sound and screen, shading, or climate control, our custom systems are designed specifically for the needs of your guests and your family and will give you the ability to fully monitor and protect your shore home while you are away. Set up the best WiFi & app-controlled technology in your home with a free personal consultation by HEIM.

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Upgrade Your Home

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    With an automation system from Heim,
    you’ll have the power to control:

    Home security, surveillance cameras, temperature settings, lights, appliances, entertainment equipment and more, all with the push of a button or two, and even with your voice.

    You can also monitor your home and adjust settings from panels placed around the home, your computer, tablet or smartphone and from anywhere you may be.

    To turn your home into a 21st century “smart home” talk to us about how easy it can be to create a Heim home automation solution that provides convenience, saves on energy consumption, delivers peace of mind and much, much more.


    • Full System Smartphone & Tablet Control
    • Indoor & Outdoor Shading
    • Climate Control & Energy Management
    • Sound Systems and Multi-Room Audio
    • Outdoor Space Entertainment
    • Security Cameras & Lighting
    • Wireless Internet Optimization
    • Water Sensors, Heat Loss Sensors
    • 24/7 Monitoring